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To comply with our registration with CIW, it is essential that we have policies and procedures in place to safeguard both the children in our care and the staff.   We work in conjunction with our governing body Wales PPA to produce accurate and up to date policies and procedures, which are reviewed annually by staff and Committee Members.

We ask that all parents make themselves familiar with these and adhere to them at all times.  All staff are fully aware of policies and procedures.  

A paper version of all the policies are available to see upon request in the playgroup session.

Our policies (copies available upon request) consist of:

  • Statement of purpose

  • Operational plan

  • Admissions and collection

  • Behaviour management

  • Children's participation

  • Child protection

  • Complaints

  • Confidentiality

  • Equality and inclusion

  • Food and drinks in the setting

  • Health and hygiene

  • Health and safety

  • Medication and asthma

  • Looking after our environment

  • Parental involvement

  • Outings

  • Emergency procedure policy

  • The use of electrical equipment and media

  • Welsh developmental language


The latest inspection by the CIW took place in 2019 and the full report can be found by clicking on the CIW logo below:

Policies & Inspections

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